Lost and Found

Items listed below have been lost or found at our races. Please provide contact information and questions about an item or "It is mine" comments below.

  • Found
  • Woodside (December 28)
  • Performance light grey with reflector accents zipped jacket, size medium
  • Rodeo Beach (December 13)
  • Size small blue long sleeve shirt with Nashville, TN & Newtown, CT logo
    Small light blue ladies Champion running jacket
  • Skyline to the Sea (October 11)
  • Black amphipod full-tilt air stretch velocity waist bottle holder
    White visor with light blue adidas logo
    Blue bandana
    REI grey long sleeve pull over with short zipper, size Large
    Black zipper Pearlizumi windbreaker
    XS Nike black zipper hoodie
    USU Football Navy blue hoodie, size Medium
  • Headlands (September 13-14)
  • Set of keys in a baggie
    In a baggie - a bright yellow shirt with the Pamakid runners logo size Medium.
    A gray Zoom Quarry Lakes logo shirt Men's Medium
    One zebra arm band Moeben
    Brooks black head cap, no brim
    X-Large Hanes White hoodie
    Navy Blue fleece headband
    Disney Large maroon Pooh sweatshirt
    Safeway bag with Black jacket with Boston Athletic Association from 2005, maroon shirts and a black visor
    Plantronic black single ear piece found at Fort Baker/Vista Point Aid Area
    Single white bottle in an Ultimate Direction blue hydration waste pack with amphipod gel holder (100 mile finisher)
  • Pacifica (July 2)
  • White and black Nike Visor
  • Armstrong Redwoods (May 3)
  • Small ladies Saucony white pullover with fluorescent pink trim
    Men's New Balance white cap with grey trim
  • Lost
  • N/A

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